Swear. A sunny weekend, before the return of the cold and the snow

The weekend will continue to be sunny but to take advantage of it you will have to take out the sweaters. MétéoNews forecasts for Saturday, April 3, a northeast wind that will blow in gusts and may reach 60 km / h throughout the department. The ever-present blue sky will be counteracted by a coolness that will result in a significant drop in temperatures. In Lons-le-Saunier, the mercury will not exceed 13 ° C by midafternoon and it will be slightly warmer in Dole, with 1 ° C more.

On Sunday April 4, the sun will continue to shine throughout the Jura region. If mornings are expected to be even cooler with an average of 3 ° C, “the magnitude of the wind may decrease to make way for much milder weather in the afternoon,” explains MétéoNews forecaster Frédéric Decker.

Return of winter

After an episode of exceptional mildness observed during the last week of March, winter will mark its return. In fact, the weather will get worse on Monday, April 5, with the arrival of rains at the end of the morning in almost the entire department. Atmospheric conditions will continue to give way to mild temperatures in the afternoon, with maximums of 15 ° C. Experts report a drop in temperatures in the afternoon that will range between 1 and 2 ° C, all accompanied by snow that will fall to the plain . A degradation caused in part by the cold winds of the British Isles.

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