Dammartin-Marpain. To prevent trees from falling, the pruners intervened

The tree pruning work was carried out in the hamlet of Montrambert, in the communal part, next to the castle. Several of these trees threatened to fall on the walls of this castle. This work was carried out by the CDEI (Departmental Labor Insertion Works). On the Marpain side of the village, trees were cut down along the Ognon River, some threatened to fall on the houses along the river. In the town of Dammartin, the walnut tree at the corner of Main Street and Brans Road was also cut to increase the visibility of vehicles at this junction. Further pruning work will follow soon in the village of Montrambert, between the Vèze stream and the rue des fossés, on the right hand side towards Besancon. Traffic will alternate to protect the site.

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