after summer, winter returns to Lyon next week

From one extreme to the other. While temperatures are currently above seasonal norms for early April, they could change abruptly within a few days. And it’s not April Fools’ Day. “There will be a free fall on the thermometer starting Monday, April 5 at the end of the day,” confirms Meteonews’ Frédéric Decker.

Arctic air

Blame it on a cold air front that will pass over the country early next week and bring in Arctic air. “Between Monday and Tuesday we should lose 10 ° C in maximum temperatures, going from 17 ° C to 7 ° C during the day,” continues the meteorologist. Morning temperatures should be close to 0 ° C.

Possible snow showers

It is not impossible to see sleet and snow in Lyon on Tuesday April 6 and Wednesday April 7. “It’s a pretty typical episode of spring, when you go from a flow of air coming from the south to a flow from the north,” says Frédéric Decker.

A surprising change: at 26 ° C, Wednesday March 31st was the hottest day for March since the meteorological records appeared in 1920. Therefore, we will have to remove the shorts and shirts in the closet. These last days, to take out sweaters and hats.

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