Rhone. New record ! 26 ° C this Wednesday in Lyon-Bron

The temperature was 25.7 ° C on March 22, 1990. This heat record for March no longer holds. The mercury reached 26 ° C around 4-5 pm this Wednesday, March 31, 2021 in Lyon-Bron, confirms Jérôme Abiven. The arrival of spring immediately rhymes with softness and even warmth. However, it is not enough to conclude on the effects of global warming. “For one day, the scale is not enough to reach such a conclusion. It had already happened in the 90’s, ”says the Météo France forecaster.

Tomorrow, temperatures will remain high, but slightly below the daily record. “It will be 24-25 ° C before a change this weekend and especially next week. The wind moves towards the north ”, explains the meteorologist.

Possible frosts

In short, until Sunday we remain above seasonal norms, then starting Monday we should lose another 10 ° C and end 3-4 ° C below expected trend.

The coldest days will be Tuesday and Wednesday. Instead of 15 ° 5 corresponding to the normal season, it will be more likely 10.5 ° or 11 ° maximum.

“Even the morning temperatures will be low for the season. We will be at 2 ° -2.5 ° C instead of 5 to 6 ° C. This means that there may be frosts in the coldest valleys ”, explains Jérôme Abiven.

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