La Boisse. Rural gardener for fifteen years, retires

Why did you become a rural guard?

“I did an internship and I found a town that was looking for a rural guard and I applied, that’s how I started. Daily I carry out environmental and municipal police missions. I like this job because I like contact with the population and I am in love with nature. Repression is not what I prefer, but it is necessary. I am faced with rudeness on a daily basis. “

What is your best memory?

“It’s difficult, two facts come to mind. One day they called me because a deer had ended up in the schoolyard. With the firefighters, we managed to catch it and release it in the wild. Five years ago I rescued a litter of five puppies, all were placed and he kept one. “

What are you going to do in your retirement?

“I already have a house in Corrèze. We will move there immediately. We are getting closer to our son who lives in Lot. Like all active retirees, I will dedicate myself to DIY, hiking or cycling. Also, we will soon discover the joy of being a grandparent. “

Do you know who will replace you?

“No, not at all. Although there have been more and more rural guards in recent years, the demand is greater than the supply and we are much less numerous than the municipal policemen who have replaced us in many cities. They do not have the environmental missions! which are ours and which are increasingly sought after! “

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