Messimy-sur-Saône. With his chicken coop, Demain Messimy continues to bet on the environment

The Demain Messimy association manages a collective chicken coop installed between the Les Marques urbanization and the La Mâtre river, next to the tennis club. Since the end of November, three chickens have taken over the chicken coop made by the members of the association.

“We mainly use recycled materials such as pallet wood or old shutters,” say Anne Zabiolle and Béatrice Mourregot, two members of Demain Messimy.

The chicken coop is mounted on a caravan frame, it had to be mobile to comply with the agreement signed with the town. Water collectors have been installed, the collected water is used to clean the premises. Composting, carried out on site, makes it possible to return the straw used in the gardens.

The maintenance of the chicken coop and the collection of eggs are in charge of the members of the association in turn. “With this chicken coop we wanted to create a place to live, meet and participate in reducing organic waste,” they comment. A hen consumes 150 kg of organic waste per year.

Demain Messimy is an association made up of residents of Messimy who are sensitive to environmental issues, eager to reflect and propose citizen actions on this issue. Information tomorrow

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