“Just as hot, even a little warmer”

Almost 25 ° C. Very exactly 24.9 ° C in Bron. The temperature rise recorded on Tuesday exceeded seasonal norms without, however, setting a record. On March 22, 1990, the mercury rose to 25.7 ° C in the Rhone.

On Wednesday, however, it could get closer, equal this peak, or even lead to a new record. “It will be just as hot, if not a little hotter,” confirms, in fact, Météo France.

We will have to wait “hardly less” on Thursday, while Friday still promises to be a hot day around 24 °. A gradual drop in temperatures is expected from Saturday. If for the first day of the Easter weekend, Météo France is still forecasting 20 °, the weather will turn changeable with rare rains. The mercury decline that has begun will continue.

More in line with the period, it should be 16 ° C on Tuesday April 6 and the rains are expected to be more frequent during the next week.

Finally, the scenario that is emerging for this spring of 2021, from April to June, shows temperatures close to seasonal throughout France and therefore in the Rhone. In terms of rainfall, on the other hand, the south could be marked by a deficit. That would not be the case elsewhere.

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