Cremeaux. Relay antenna project next to water tower canceled

On Monday, Salle Grosbost, a public meeting was held organized by Jean Bartholin, departmental councilor in close collaboration with the mayor, Didier Poncet, in the presence of elected municipal officials, numerous neighbors and with the participation of Jean-François Duverne, departmental delegate of Bouygues Télécom, as part of the development of mobile telephony in the town.

Jean Bartholin, are you satisfied with this meeting?

“Yes, it seemed fundamental to me in order to respect democracy and listen to concerns that deserved to be taken into account. Many inhabitants of the Epualé and Levault hamlet were present and all were able to express themselves. “

What was the reason for this important meeting?

“This is the project to install a relay antenna to cover areas poorly served by mobile phones in the city. It is within the framework of the state-sponsored project that Bouygues was appointed to find a site to install a relay antenna.

“A period of reflection to find the ideal place”

I understood that the place imagined for this purpose raised concerns and that we had a duty to make it heard in high places. “

The plot is located on Epualé towards the Brosses reservoir …

“Yes. When we visited the site, we rejected the hypothesis of a purely lucrative establishment on the observatory site. I thought that the relay should be located as high and far from the water tower as possible.”

What are the possible prospects?

“Given the fears and doubts expressed by the inhabitants, the installation project next to the water tower and nearby villages will be canceled. But given the need to improve mobile phone coverage in a context where investments in copper wire are decreasing, the municipality is giving itself a period of reflection to find the ideal site for the installation of a telephone relay that does not generate concerns. “