Weather forecast. Record heat expected this week in Lyon

Summer ahead of time, Lyon will experience the great sun this week to find itself at a temperature level normally seen in June. This Tuesday, March 30, we could reach 24 degrees, well above the seasonal norms (around 14 degrees). The morning will stay a bit cool, with a small 6 degrees around 9 o’clock before the thermometer goes up.

Record probably broken Wednesday

Are we going to break records for smoothness this week in Lyon? By the end of March, most likely, and if it is not Tuesday, it will be Wednesday. It should be around 25 ° C, while the March 31 record is “only” 22.6 degrees, reached in 1998. For Meteonews meteorologist Christophe Mertz, “it is almost a scorching time for a month of March.” The record for a month of March in the Rhone is held in 1990, when 25.7 ° C was recorded on March 22.

But this exceptional softness won’t last and temperatures could drop for Easter weekend.

A slight deterioration in air quality.

The other side of the coin this summer ahead of time: air quality will deteriorate. The concentration of atmospheric pollutants and ozone in particular could be favored. In addition, “Saharan dust is expected, but in very small quantities,” explains Mario Duval, head of duty at the regional air quality observatory (Atmo Auvergne Rhône-Alpes). Nothing like the previous episodes in February that had yellowed the sky over the Rhone.

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