Loire / Haute-Loire. Temperatures close to March records

An air of May in March. In recent days, the sweetness has settled in the Loire and Haute-Loire, as in the entire region.

High temperatures were noted as a heat spike above 20 degrees started on Monday. While mercury rose to 21.8 ° C in Roanne, highs in the Loire and Haute-Loire rose to 24.9 degrees in Balbigny and 25 degrees in Tiranges.

Temperatures that locally flirt with the historical records of March (26.2 ° C in 2004 for Tiranges).

Sweetness until the weekend

With temperatures 8 to 9 degrees higher than seasonal norms, all-time records could be broken this Tuesday or Wednesday when temperatures are expected to be even higher.

According to Frédéric Decker, forecaster for MétéoNews, the smoothness should persist until the end of the week. But no further: “At the beginning of next week, we could witness the return of a cold snap, which should bring temperatures below normal for the season and could cause some morning frosts,” he explains.

Therefore, a mild weekend is expected to precede the return of the cold to the Loire and Haut-Loire territories.

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