Genas. Terideal exports its sheep through greener vineyards

Since January, the 26 sheep of the Genas-based company Terideal (formerly Tarvel) have been in vineyards in Arlay or Mantry, in the Jura. The sheep are recovering this week. This innovation contributes to the biological conversion of the Sainte-Marie wine estate.

“When we want to put an end to pesticides, explains Nicolas Cottier, the farm manager, we have to find solutions. We are satisfied with the result. It is clean in the rows, the contours of the vines and around the feet. Next year we will be able to repeat the experience after the harvest, starting in mid-October. “

Green grazing in full swing

Julien Lavigne, Terideal regional director, specifies: “These sheep are Thônes and Marthod, a rustic breed originating from Haute-Savoie and Savoy, which was in danger of extinction. The plots to be cleaned are fenced. We operate in the public works and green spaces market. This is how we also do ecological grazing and animal traction in urban areas. We are seeing an increase in demand in the wine sector ”.

Contacts:; Aïcha Noamane (account manager) at 06 26 87 21 83.

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