Bourg-Argental. For safety, three trees were cut down on the Place des Noyers

As part of the campaign to cut down dangerous trees, municipal technicians cut down three trees on the Place des Noyers. Contrary to the name of the place, they were not walnut trees but two maples and a lime tree.

The outward appearance of these trees did not reveal the urgency of the intervention, but year after year, the crown of the tree, “the part just above the roots, had been buried a little in such a way. That the tree has suffocated in the roots. Outwardly the tree was beautiful, but I was decimating it. It had a problem and it could fall at any moment “, explains Damien Sauvignet, head of municipal technical services.

Security First

Bourguisans still remember the morning of May 1, 2019 when, around 8 a.m., a tree in the square fell on two cars, fortunately without being injured but with serious material damage.

“People often complain about cutting down trees,” says Damien Sauvignet. “You don’t cut trees for fun, I’m a grassroots landscaper, I’m not here to cut trees without interest. You have to make decisions. These trees were dangerous to the population. We think about safety first ”. There are currently four healthy trees, linden and banana, in the square that serves as a parking lot on market day.

In autumn trees will be replanted on the sides of the plaza with an earth-stone system to prevent the collar from settling and the municipal service will be advised to choose the appropriate species for this type of site.

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