the opposition falls on the mayor of Lyon Grégory Doucet

Anger has been mounting in the opposition since the rally against the climate law this Sunday. Despite the persistence of the pandemic and the containment measures decreed in the department, several thousand people – 3,800 according to the police, 10,000 according to the organizers – were able to march through the streets of Lyon.

But, one name in particular stands out to join the protesters: Grégory Doucet, the mayor of Lyon. His involvement with other elected officials from municipal and metropolitan majorities was notably addressed by Yann Cucherat, president of the opposition group Pour Lyon. “Elected officials are participating in a demonstration of thousands of people who disobey the imposed restrictions. Bravo for the exemplary nature. Climate emergency, yes, but not at any price ”, he said indignantly.

Others, such as David Kimelfeld, former president of the Lyon Metropole, protested against the attitude of the mayor, also elected chairman of the HCL supervisory board. “When climate responsibility leads to health irresponsibility, a nice message for caregivers.”

Invited this morning on BFMLyon, Grégory Doucet responded to criticism of his participation. “You have to wear a mask, keep your distance at an event, sanitize your hands regularly. We have to show that we can continue living with the virus but that we have to be very careful, that is the example, “he said.

Why are meetings allowed?

While gatherings of six are prohibited, demonstrations are still permitted. “Protest demonstrations can be held on public roads […] since the social distancing rules provided by the organizers have been declared to the prefect and he has considered them capable of guaranteeing compliance with the social distancing rules ”, we can read on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

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