Swear. At 55, this explasturgist embarks on permaculture

Nothing predisposed Fabrice Girardot, 55, to become the operator of a permaculture farm in Conliège.

This Saint-Claude native had been working in the plastics industry in Oyonnax for ten years and it was during the confinement that he realized the difficulty of finding healthy and local food. Then he thought of producing his own food. It was while watching videos on the internet that he fell in love with permaculture and was educated.

As he himself says: “Permaculture is an approach, a philosophy. The goal is to care for nature, plants and people and share fairly. That is, to design cultures, places to live self-sufficient and respectful of the environment and living beings.

Create an edible forest

Their first objective is to satisfy their needs first and then to sell the surplus of their production. After negotiating his exit with his company, he was able to acquire in the summer of 2020, a 4000 m² plot in the Montaigu territory, along the Salot road that goes from Conliège to Vatagna.

It is also at 74 rue du Moulin à Conliège that the “Fab Photo Garden” is located because Fabrice Girardot has been practicing animal photography for ten years and intends to display his photos in his garden. This land had been abandoned by the previous owners who had started a fruit and vegetable farm.

Since then, the 50-year-old has come every day from Viry, where he lives, to restore this land, often aided by his brother. He has already planted a hundred trees because his project is to create an edible forest with cherry, apple, pear, apricot, walnut, actinidia (kiwis), etc. More than 300 strawberries, raspberries, black currants, etc. have also been planted.

Thanks to the 3D planting system, no space is wasted because the fruits will also grow under the trees. “My main concern is the water supply, explains Fabrice. There are many sources but they are not channeled, I will have to solve this problem because nothing can be grown without water ”.

He also plans to revegetate the greenhouse with vines and hops and set up a chicken coop with chickens and rabbits. But there is still work to be done and we will have to be patient to reap the fruits of our work. The appointment is scheduled for a year from now.