Swear. Did a little bird fall from the nest? Jurafaune explains how to save it

René-Jean Monneret, president and volunteer leader of Jurafaune, will never repeat it enough: “If you find a young bird, whether it is diurnal as little birds or nocturnal as raptors, it has surely fallen from the nest and its feathers have fallen off. They have not finished growing. So one piece of advice: don’t take it back. Handle it carefully to install it in a tree or high place away from any predators near where you found it. His parents will be able to feed him until he is ready to take off again.

If you leave him in a specialized center, he will be fed by hand and he will have very little chance when he is discharged, except, of course, if he is injured ”, explains René-Jean Monneret, who dedicates an essential part of his leisure time. time to study and save the peregrine falcon.

Artificial areas to aid nesting.

For decades, he has been involved in fabricating artificial areas in rocks to create nesting places for raptors. It thus improves natural areas to secure them and protect birds from predators. In urban areas, it may happen that some birds of prey nest in flower boxes, or, as, in the Dole collegiate church, in an artificial area installed in the monument. The impact of the use of managed areas has notably increased the reproduction of the peregrine falcon.

An agreement with the climbers allowed respecting the breeding periods between February 15 and June 15 so as not to disturb the birds of prey. Some areas are classified as APPB (prefectural biotope protection decree) this regulatory tool aims to prevent the disappearance of protected species.

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