Villette-lès-Dole. The municipality launches a new flowering project

Séverine Sergant, deputy mayor in charge of environmental policy and flowering, has just lifted the veil on the future floral decorations of the town. The purchased plants will be more resistant to climatic hazards: “With droughts, flower beds and flower beds have to be watered. It is a cost for the municipality, a mobilization of municipal personnel, especially since it is not good for the environment. Therefore, we have decided to buy plants that will require less watering. “

Space the plants for their development.

Some beds will be reduced, always for the sake of homogeneity: “We realized in retrospect that some plants were suffocated by others, more developed. We are going to space the plants so that they develop fully. “

The containers located along the main street will also be better located; some will even be transferred to flourish elsewhere in the city.

As for the decorations that adorned the plantations, this year no theme will be maintained: “We will use those from previous years redesigning them. On the other hand, a problem arises as some are destroyed or stolen. “They are carried out by municipal personnel and that has a cost. Therefore, it is a shame to see them, in the end, wiped out by gratuitous vandalism, ”continues Séverine Sergant.

Not all plants are bought, each year in the communal greenhouse, about a quarter of the plantations are born thanks to the good care of the two municipal employees.

A new development for the Plaza del Ayuntamiento

This year, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento will be the object of an innovation, while integrating the preservation of the environment and the use of materials from recycling: “With the members of the flower committee, we want to give this place a new appearance during the summer period, respecting the budget for community flowering. “

Elected officials are concerned about wanting to protect what already exists. This is the case after the remodeling of part of the roundabout at the north entrance of the town. Shrubs and bushes that have been uprooted are replanted elsewhere in the village. “Our desire is to create flowers that respect the environment and natural resources. Anything that can be recycled is too. “

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