Environment. Pollution killed less in 2020

Bad is good, the saying goes. However, this is the observation that could be made by the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (Crea). This independent research organization whose work on air quality gives an estimate of the number of lives preserved. According to measurements of 3,000 European stations, concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, fine particles and ozone levels have decreased and, consequently, have prevented the death of some 38,000 people in Europe.

If the air quality has been so good it is thanks to the conjunction of several factors. The lockdowns and travel bans linked to Covid will have had a beneficial effect on everyone’s health. If the amélioration of the qualité de l’air is also due to the basis of the European consommation of charbon et de pétrole ainsi qu’à l’à l’utilisation croissante des energies renouvelables, on arrive à des résultats moins catastrophiques that for the past.

Finally, CREA highlights that the reduction of air pollution has also reduced the number of cases of childhood asthma and premature births. And it highlights the fact that France has not registered between 3,461 and 4,828 premature deaths.

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