Usson-en-Forez. The little schoolchildren of Val Chandieu launch an appeal to bring color back to the garden

In March 2020, just a year ago, the health crisis put the Val Chandieu school garden to sleep. The arrival of spring returned, on March 22, the smile to the seeds of the gardeners, who with the help of their teachers decided to get off on the right foot to bring the flower beds and orchards back to life.

A process of environmental education

Equipped with their tools, CE1 and CE2 students began to weed the different areas, but it seemed that the soil was not very rich. So, with one voice, they appeal to parents and all those who want to support their project. “First we would like to have hay, compost or shredded material. All this will be stored in the garden in boxes that are in process. Finally, we are taking seeds or bulbs to give life and color to the place ”.

This work in the garden is part of an environmental education process. Therefore, it is a successful way to reconnect the youngest with agriculture, local food.

If you want to answer your call, you can contact the school at or at the email address:

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