Foucherans. Forty volunteers mobilize for the environment

This morning dedicated to the collection of various waste, cigarette butts, cigarette packs or empty cans and other objects sometimes quite large thrown on the sidewalks or green spaces of the town of Foucherans had been canceled in 2020 due to confinement.

This year, Monique Prost, environmental assistant, decided on your organization. On Saturday, March 20, around forty volunteers participated in this action, including Christine Riotte, mayor, deputies, elected municipal officials, members of associations or villagers.

Masked and in small groups to respect the barrier gestures, equipped with gloves, tongs and garbage bags, they went through the different streets of the town collecting all the objects that should have been in the containers or deposited in the different recycling centers. agglomeration of Doloise.

Around 11:30 am, the results were eloquent again. In fact, it took several trips in the town’s truck full of full garbage bags to collect the entire collection.

Contact: 03 84 72 05 12.

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