100% pedestrians and bicycles from Wednesday, March 24

Pedestrians and cyclists will be king in the Parc des Vernaux as, thanks to the nearby new subdivision of Vuillardière, everything had been programmed upstream to make this crossing a smooth ride.

This has been the case since Wednesday, March 24. Passing vehicles will take the new subdivision ring road. As for the increasing number of visitors, they will be able to park their vehicles in the existing car parks (apart from the one at this junction, of course) at the extremes, in particular the one installed in the large bed base on the factory side.

A new habit to take while awaiting the development of the future central plaza integrated into the subdivision and adjacent to the animal park. This operation is part of a global plan for smooth traffic in the city, particularly with the recent works on the old railway line that has been converted into a “green lane” or the Blaine route.

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