Environment. Australia could experience a tarantula invasion

For several days, part of the state of New South Wales in Australia, including parts of Sydney, has had its feet in the water due to torrential rains.

It is therefore a relief that locals welcomed the return of the blue sky on Wednesday. But they quickly received an “urgent” – and alarming – warning from authorities: they must prepare for an influx of atrax robustus, the tarantula whose venom is the most violent in the world and which is endemic to the Sydney area.

“Very soon they will enter the houses”

“The warm temperatures and high humidity make the perfect cocktail for a blast in the presence of Atrax robustus in the next few days,” said Tim Faulkner, director of the Australian Reptile Park.

“Après les incroyables inondations that nous avons vécues dans le Grand Sydney, they are expelled from leur habitat and they are not refuged in the areas plus seches, at-il explained. Cela pourrait malheusement vouloir dire qu’elles entreront three well dans the houses . “

Images of tarantulas fleeing flooded areas have gone viral in recent days, showing spiders crawling over fences and buildings.

At least 13 dead

The well-known atrax robustus (Sydney funnel-web spider) is feared for its particularly poisonous and very fast-acting venom. No fewer than 13 human deaths have been officially documented due to the bite of this tarantula.

However, there have been no fatal attacks since a serum was developed in the early 1980s.

The Australian Reptile Park, which has reserves of the serum, has asked people to “feel the courage” to capture the tarantula and take it to collection areas.

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