Coronavirus A marriage that respects the environment and health standards is possible

Compatible with the pandemic?

To date, celebrations are allowed, but large festive gatherings are prohibited. In other words, you can organize a wedding in the town hall and / or in the church, but not big evenings that bring together family and friends.

For the city council, in theory it is necessary to respect the quota of 6 people, obviously wearing the mask and respecting social distancing. But, in fact, the number of guests also depends on the size of the town halls. Therefore, it is best to contact the city hall or prefecture of your wedding venue.

For the celebration in the church, the rule again depends on the size of the place of worship. On the other hand, you must leave two free seats between each person or family entity, and occupy only one row of two.

Although the government has already announced that it wants to organize test concerts, the UPSE (Union of Solidarity Professionals in Events), which brings together all wedding providers, requests the organization of a test wedding with 100 guests. With the aim of establishing a clear calendar for the return to the “world before” the weddings.

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