L’Étrat. An insect hotel has been set up near the school.

According to its president Christine Fayet, “the Stratosphere association was looking for an idea to participate in biodiversity in the town and thus put its little stone in the construction of the great theme of sustainable development.”

The choice fell on the construction of an insect hotel with all recycled materials. The untreated wood structure is nothing more than pallets at the end of its useful life. In each locker, tiles, planks, logs with holes, bark or pine cones were installed, thus favoring the installation of various species.

Educate walkers and schoolchildren about insect protection

In fact, the cultural habits of grass cut to the ground, with a “clean” aspect, no longer offer any refuge, no refuge for insects and small fauna.

Insects need to be able to take shelter in suitable places to spend the night or day, protect themselves from bad weather, take shelter for long periods of winter or reproduce in spring.

This new community furniture was installed on the way to the Ollières public school and was complemented with educational support to raise awareness among walkers and young schoolchildren …

The technical team is in charge of letting the nearby greenery grow to recreate an environment conducive to the installation of various species of insects, eagerly awaited for their fundamental role in the food chain, pollination and the regulation of parasitic and harmful species.

Stratosphere was looking for an idea to participate in biodiversity in the village.

Christine Fayet, President