picking daffodils, the natural getaway of the moment

Weather patterns at the beginning of the year appear to have favored the proliferation of daffodils (Narcissus jonquilla) in the Revermont undergrowth. Since the first weekends of March, hundreds of gatherers have gathered at the spots of the yellow flower. In social networks, some are upset and scream in mass hysteria, risking looting the resource for behaviors considered irresponsible. On its official website, the ONF explains the legal guidelines for the collection of wild flowers: “… In public forests,“ family-oriented ”collection is tolerated, except when there is a risk that the species in question will disappear. In which case, a prefectural or municipal decree may formally prohibit it… The generally accepted rule is one bouquet per person,… What the hand can contain… ”.

Since the flower is bulbous, it is important to keep them in the ground and take only the blooming stems, foresters advise. In the municipalities affected by the phenomenon, the period of the daffodils is usually an opportunity to organize catering establishments, stocked with other seasonal sweets, such as waffles and mulled wine. It is then up to the mayors to regulate if necessary. The parking of vehicles, to avoid the risk of land settlement, alcohol consumption and obviously the safeguarding of the floral resource and the biodiversity that accompanies them.

Claude Mercier, Mayor of La Pesse: “In recent years, visits to the daffodil pickers have always gone well, without excessive overflows. Our large spaces are good for confined people, I have, a priori, trust in our visitors and their sense of respect for natural spaces. “

For his part, Romain Jouvenceau, Mayor of Trois Châteaux: “The reception of people is carried out in accordance with the health instructions of the prefecture that we have requested. We are all attentive to everything going well ”. Bernard Tissot, former mayor of Saint-Jean-d’Étreux, the historic city of Trois Châteaux: “It does not seem that the resource is in danger due to the trampling of the collectors. Over the years, the daffodils expand their space in the undergrowth and even in the closest neighbors now ”.

As for the collection, everything is therefore a matter of moderation and respect for the environment. This will soon be true for yeast infection.

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