Eveux, spring cleaning. Record Mobilization for Spring Cleaning

This Sunday, March 21, the Eveux town hall organized its spring cleaning. The meeting took place in front of the town hall at 9 am

This voluntary action allows everyone to protect the environment and participate in the life of the people.

The communication of the event had been carried out through the school and the different associations present in the town had been invited.

The happiness of meeting me again

The 2021 edition was a great success in terms of mobilization.

Is it because the event didn’t take place last year? Or that group activities in general have often been canceled? Or thanks to the great spring sun?

The fact is that the present city council teams were delighted with the great mobilization in the town.

The sectors could be easily covered in their entirety thanks to the large number of groups present.

“I was surprised to see groups that kept coming,” testifies Régine Pasquier, of the municipal team. “I no longer had a new circuit to give, I had to send reinforcement groups on the same circuits. “

Less waste overall

Pierre Mellinger, deputy mayor, estimates that around 80 kilos of waste have been collected. The most amazing piece? A gas stove, located under Chemin des Grands-Fonds. Lots of glass bottles, cans, masks, and lots of cigarette butts.

It seems that ultimately the waste collected is less numerous than in previous years. “People have gotten into the habit of collecting regularly,” explains Régine. A sign that the spirit of spring cleaning is infused throughout the year …