Environment. Three months before the summer, the Rhone was already on alert against drought

It is not yet the state of alert but, at this time of year, it is necessarily worrying: although spring has only just begun, a lack of rain has already been observed in the department of Rhône.

Poor resource

Clearly, the water resource is in deficit for the season, with the winter recharge already coming to an end.

Therefore, the prefecture has placed the Rhone in a drought watch situation for all groundwater, starting with those of Garon (south of Lyon) and east of Lyon. Only the Val de Saône, for the moment, is not affected.

We need a reasonable and “economic” use

Three months into the summer, the goal is to anticipate a difficult summer and make everyone aware of the importance of water resources. Individuals, manufacturers, farmers and communities are encouraged to use reasoned and “thrifty” products.

This decree will not expire until October 31, but other developments are expected: if the situation persists, restrictive measures, or even bans, could be taken.