Yssingeaux. “We wanted to have an impact on the environment”

What motivated you to organize this “ramarche”?

“We had a project to implement as part of the Yssingeaux local mission’s“ Youth Guarantee ”scheme. We were inspired by a Facebook group, “La Ramarche, Yssingeaux”. We wanted to have an impact on the environment we live in and try to make things happen at our level. “

How many young people have signed up for this process?

“We were eight young people with Tatiana Bastien, Maxence Le Strat, Ellyn Tschiember, Yoan Barou, Abdennour Chib, Jason Kracht, Maylis Grousset and Ulfatullah Safi. We were supervised by four Youth Guarantee advisers: Laëtitia Schiapparelli, David Morel, Anne Chazot and Gaëlle Hugon. “

“Butts, masks, plastic …”

What did you pick up?

“In total, we collected sixteen 50-liter garbage bags. Most of the waste collected is cigarette butts, masks, fast food garbage, plastics of all kinds and also cans and glass bottles. We divided into two groups of six. We had prepared two routes upstream, one that covered a commercial area where supermarkets are located, and another that covered the Choumouroux area, passing of course through the two secondary schools and the college as well as the COC area (Complexe omnisports de Choumouroux) . “

What did you do with the garbage?

“We planned to drop them off at the Yssingeaux waste reception center, but we couldn’t sort everything given the diversity of the waste. So we put them in city containers. “

Do you want to participate in other “ramarches”?

“We are all motivated to repeat the experience. Very soon another ramarche will be organized in Yssingeaux, on the occasion of the Coq’licots festival (May 8 and 9). “

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