Haute-Loire. Forest clearing, a bad idea?

“It’s the easy way out”

The opinion of Bernard (false name), owner of the forest:

What is clear cutting?

“It is a clear cut where all the trees are cut down at the same time. The wood is used in the paper mill or as fuel wood or fuel. “

What are the benefits for homeowners?

“I don’t see much of an advantage, except that the owner receives a sum of money. And again … if the haircut is remunerated at fair value. In a clear felling, we remove all the trees, there is no more regeneration. You should also know that trees with a diameter of less than 20, or even 15 cm, do not return anything to the owner, they only participate in the financing of the exploitation works. “

What are the consequences ?

“Once the cut is done and the money has been collected, there is nothing left on the ground, except the branches and other debris that will have to be removed. It is not free: from 3,000 to 4,000 euros / ha! The same amount for reforestation and scrub clearing, often twice a year, because brambles, ferns and other invasive plants risk suffocating trees for at least four years. Then while you wait for a new cut, you can play with your thumbs for at least thirty-five or forty years! Clear felling is the easy solution for the operator, which often turns out to be a miscalculation or even a financial loss for the small owner. “

Anita NONET interview

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