the roadmap is drawn

Created in late 2020, at the request of the mayor of Les Rousses, the lake’s advisory committee held its first meeting, on March 14, on the Omnibus.

A space for communication and information

Alain Desprez, deputy environmental manager and designated coordinator, recalled what is at stake: “In the face of growing attendance, we realized that the entities that gravitated around the lake sometimes acted in ignorance of each other.”

Hence the importance of defining a communication and information space, which allows everyone to better understand the administrative framework in which these entities operate and to reflect in a concerted manner on future projects.

Limit usage conflicts

Several points were discussed, in particular the regulations and signage to be implemented on the deck, in order to limit conflicts of use, the development of a start and finish area for kitesurfers, the creation of a mooring line for kitesurfers. fishing boats with the definitive elimination of tires and installation of permanent toilets that comply with environmental regulations.

Therefore, the roadmap is ambitious. What reassures the municipal opposition that they saw a new “Theodule” committee there?

The following were present or represented: the municipality of Les Rousses, the community of municipalities of Station des Rousses, the municipal police, fishing and hunting associations, kitesurfers, the Haut Jura Regional Natural Park, the association of intercommunal waters for the Rousses plateau and the Suez group, operator by delegation of public service, for Sogestar.

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