Sevelinges. The two sewage treatment plants using flooded reeds

In the town of Sevelinges and in the place called Lamure, municipal employees are currently flooding the two sewage treatment plants with reeds.

This biennial operation complements the regular manual weeding. Its objective is the natural eradication of nettles, vines and grasses in the two stages of filtration. At the end of these six weeks of flooding, these parasitic plants whose root system does not support the presence of permanent water will have been eliminated and will allow the canes to fully play their role of aerating the soil.

In fact, reeds have a very dense root system. The oscillation of these plants, under the action of the winds, causes a movement of stems and roots in the mass of filtering mud and sand. This mechanical action makes it possible to avoid the agglomeration of impurities on the surface and the obstruction of the filtration. The objective is the optimal treatment of wastewater before it returns to the natural environment.

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