Metropolis of Lyon. The city of Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon launches its game “your look at the cable car”

“No to cable cars” signs are appearing on the fences of houses and balconies of city buildings and residents are mobilizing against this issue of Cable Transport (TPC) stopped by Sytral by 2025.

The City Council takes the opportunity to launch a public contest on the subject: who will make the most beautiful banner on his bicycle? The most unexpected poster on your balcony? The funniest photo of your car? The most aesthetic, original and ingenious creations will win tempting prizes: Smartbox “weekend for two”, ski trip to Ste-Foy Tarentaise, a sister city, and roundtrip trips to the Aiguille du Midi cable car.

This playful side should not hide the objective of inviting the population to take over the project.

Regulations available on the site Photo, copyright free, sent by email from March 20 to May 1: with the name, address of the photographer and the location of the photo. Voting on the Town Facebook page will be open May 2-8 at midnight. Online results for May 10.

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