Metropolis of Lyon. Green waste collection resumes in 11 municipalities

The seasonal collection of green waste is making a comeback in 11 municipalities in the Lyon area. All plant residues are accepted (mowing grass, trimming hedges, branches, dead leaves, etc.)

These collection points have been created to alleviate congestion in waste collection centers, especially those in the west of Lyon, Monts d’Or and Val de Saône. At the same time, the 19 metropolitan waste collection centers remain accessible.

The recovery of green waste represents, in terms of tonnage, 20% of household and similar waste recycled on a metropolitan scale. This waste is processed at the composting platforms of Ternay, Décines-Charpieu and Anthon (Isère). The compost is then used locally to amend the soils of cereal growers, horticulturists, organic growers or to supply landscapers, communities and soil manufacturers.

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