Lons-le-Saunier. How to properly harvest birch sap?

Some sugar water. It is the taste and appearance of birch sap that Laurent Trézy has just served in a tall glass. “The ideal would be to consume it in the morning on an empty stomach,” explains the nature facilitator. Also a narrator, he is better known as “Balthazar”. It was his uncle, an organic winegrower, who taught him how to drink the tree’s precious nectar a long time ago. “At a time when I had a serious accident and major health problems,” he says. He took me in front of a tree and then told me that they were going to purify my body ”.

March’s crescent moon

To find out when the harvest can start, Laurent Trézy relies on the lunar calendar. “It occurs on the last rising moon in March,” he explains. It sucks the sap, which makes it climb the tree to hatch the buds. The waxing moon began on March 8 and ends on March 21. It is during this period that the tree will give more. In industrial sectors, they are taken one month before. I prefer to respect the rhythm of nature ”.

With a drill in hand, the nature leader crouches at the foot of the tree. “This is where the sap is most concentrated. I take a 7mm wick and a copper tube of the same diameter to collect the liquid “You have to drill straight, only a few centimeters:” First, there is the first layer of the bark, which is brown. When the color turns white, we are in the right place. If the hole escapes us, we will not harvest anything ”. Then simply place the pipe to collect the precious nectar. “You can use a straw. But I prefer copper, it is neutral, it does not harm the tree “

Healing the tree

The last step is essential for these lovers of trees and nature: “You have to cover the hole for the tree to heal. If we don’t, you can get sick. “

To do this, use a small branch of hazelnut to make a cork. And voila. How much should I take? “For the tree, a few liters is a blood test. But a tree that has done well one year will give less the following year. “

Its virtues

Birch sap is the cure of choice for people who want to eliminate toxins accumulated during the winter. Stimulates while detoxifying. Birch sap is rich in minerals and trace elements: it remineralizes the joints, strengthens and rehydrates the muscles of athletes or people in convalescence. Another function, drains the organs of the kidneys, lungs, liver, blood and skin. Birch sap is known to relieve urinary disorders and rheumatism. It would also contribute to the attenuation of cellulite.

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