Ain. The banks and the riverbed of the Suran will be the object of a major maintenance project.

By decree of the prefecture of February 24, 2021, the project related to the multi-year program for the restoration and maintenance of the banks of the Suran and its tributaries is subject to a public investigation from March 29 to Wednesday April 14. In the current healthcare context, dematerialized consultations and contributions are favored.

The public consultation file, as well as a loose-leaf consultation record, are also deposited in the municipalities of Nivigne-et-Suran, Simandre-sur-Suran, Villereversure, Bohas-Meyriat-Rignat, Saint-Martin-du- Mont. , Corveissiat, Val-Revermont, Drom, Ramasse, Neuville-sur-Ain, Pont-d’Ain and Druillat.

A computer station is made available to the public to consult the investigation file at the Neuville-sur-Ain town hall.

The public consultation file can be consulted on the website of the state services in Ain: and on the website of the Syndicat de la rivière d’Ain and its tributaries (SR3A): https: //

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