The Coteau. An insect hotel for the Costellois family gardens

After the recent installation of two nests for chickadees (already usually occupied) by the technical services of the municipality in the Jardins Familiaux Costellois enclosure, this time an insect hotel has been enabled.

Also manufactured by technical services, it is a device designed to facilitate the survival of insects, particularly in ecosystems where pollination and biodiversity are sought, such as orchards.

Organizations programmed in uncertainty

Two municipal employees installed it in the presence of representatives of the Jardins Familiaux association.

Despite the current uncertainties related to the health crisis, the association’s leaders have set a new calendar for their organizations.

The annual garden chore is scheduled for Saturday, April 17, with hedge trimming and maintenance of the program’s common areas. The following events have been scheduled for May 15 for the belote competition, June 12 for the p├ętanque competition, September 4 for the picnic, while the tea dance should take place on October 28.

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