Podcast. Laurent de La Clergerie, LDLC leader, guest of “C’est Heure du Gratton”

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Discreet by nature, Laurent de La Clergerie gave a very rich and unfiltered interview to the two hosts of the “C’est Heure du Gratton” podcast, Marie Esquelisse and Vincent Rocken.

Where it comes to ambition and vision, for the LDLC group that he created 25 years ago with his brother Olivier. The path to sustainable growth has not always been easy, with doubts at times, but also a very strong adaptability in a very competitive market in which the main players in the information technology and high technology trade are involved.

Partner of Asvel and Tony Parker

Today it employs about a thousand people who have been working since the beginning of the year 4 days a week without loss of salary. Laurent de la Clergerie explains the reasons for this audacity that could be schooled.

School precisely, the guest also invests a lot in training with his entrepreneurial campus and this training engineer does not hide his desire to change the lines of training in France.

Like his accomplice Tony Parker, the great head of ASVEL who wears the colors of LDLC. Laurent de la Clergerie, who had never attended a basketball game before signing this association, explains why he chose precisely this commitment without expecting a return on investment.

Gourmet, the Lyon entrepreneur greatly appreciated the famous cuisine of the Lyon Italian restaurant “Veronatuti”, who warmly welcomed the podcast team.

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