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Le Gardien des Plantes: a pension for indoor species

Last June, Nicolas Talliu became the first “plant keeper” in Lyon. An enthusiast, keeper of indoor plants, who waters, maintains and even sends photos when fruits or flowers appear, for prices ranging between € 1 and € 3 per day, depending on the number of plants under his supervision.

Without any communication, it is a beautiful summer. “Before selling I started by maintaining and maintaining around 400 plants, it is quite good for a start-up, especially since the Covid turned everything upside down, people did not go on vacation and today they stay at home,” he explains. Still, he’s confident for next summer. “All the comments I’ve received from people who have trusted me are good … and word of mouth works in this area! Today, I still have a dozen floors in the Halle Girondins building, of people who have left for a long stay. But it is generally quite seasonal and I am already thinking of hiring someone to help me during the summer. ” In fact, all the indoor plants are stored in the shelter, in the hallway. Depending on the species, the sun needs are different and are arranged in the four corners of the establishment, to the delight of the occupants of the place.


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