Ain. They take over the last vineyard of the town

The last vineyard in the town belonged to the Chatelet family, until the property was sold to the Kativois family (MAJ Equitation), who wanted to preserve this parcel of vineyard, which is part of the local heritage.

An agreement was established between the new owners and the association of the Saint-Maurice Church, in order to safeguard this old vineyard, which was maintained, until the last harvest, by Lucien Planche, fond of the ancient trades.

The president of the association of the Church of Saint Maurice, Thierry Vigier. Progress File / Monique FETTET

“After launching the idea to save this vineyard, six supporters responded. A working group was created and organized in order to overcome the tasks to come ”, explains Thierry Vigier, president of the association.

“With the communication commission behind it, a couple of winegrowers, the Kativois and Lucien families, we have a real team to safeguard this vineyard and create activities and events around it. This team strengthens the ranks of the association which is not inconsiderable since our mission is consistent. “

Grapes transformed into fruit juice

A first day had allowed mending the soil with horse manure, cleaning the vines, weeding, replanting the wicker to tie. On Saturday March 13, the group of enthusiasts had made an appointment to prune the vines.

“This new heritage activity is a matter of interest to all. The motivation is such that we set out to restore the fruit trees that surround this vineyard to have a harmonious set. The fruit of this harvest will undoubtedly be transformed into fruit juice that the association will be able to sell during its events ”, concluded the president.