Courmangoux. Two rainwater collection tanks have been installed

Elected in March 2020, the new municipal team is committed to promoting, implementing and improving green practices.

In spring and summer, watering the flowers requires a large amount of water, so it was decided to collect the rainwater from the municipal building. Two tanks of 1000 liters each, bought at a modest cost of € 80, were installed on recovered materials (pallets and planters), by Thierry Dufour, 2nd assistant, and Dominique Orru, technical employee.

They are placed at a height, to be able to easily supply the cistern that serves to water the flowerbeds that are found throughout the town.

Watering is a task that Dominique Orru performs, every week during the flowering period. Perennials, which consume less water and are more resistant to drought, were planted at the end of the year.