20,000 individual composters will be distributed in 2021

It is written in the law: the Metropolis must implement a solution to classify biological waste at the source before December 31, 2023. This is how this Tuesday, elected officials accelerated on this file.

Therefore, Metropolis plans to distribute 20,000 individual composters (for suburban homes) during the year 2021, in order to gradually reduce the proportion of this organic waste in gray containers (currently 30%). Everything will be accompanied by remote training. The application form can be downloaded from the Metropolis website. The planned budget is 606,000 euros.

An experiment in the 7th district

In dense urban areas, in addition to the shared composters of the citizens’ initiative (target: 1,000 more during the mandate), the local authority will deploy 1,500 to 2,000 voluntary supply points, starting with Lyon.

An experiment will be carried out, starting in September, in the 7th district of Lyon, with 180 voluntary contribution points. “Kraft paper bags and buckets will be distributed free of charge,” adds County Mayor Fanny Dubot.

According to the announced schedule, other pilot territories (center, east and west of Lyon) will be chosen in 2022 before generalization in 2023.

The cost of this first phase of deployment is estimated at 5 million euros.