Chambœuf / Saint-Médard-en-Forez. Local residents don’t despair of derailing Savy’s career extension

Four months after their first actions, the members of the association Against Savy’s career extension (CECS) have not lost any of their motivation. However, since last autumn, the collective, created between the municipalities of Chambœuf and Saint-Médard-en-Forez, has had little reason to rejoice.

At the end of 2020, the public inquiry into the Chambœuf local urban plan revision project did not conclude on the need to classify the eight hectares that the Carrières de la Loire intend to exploit as a natural space.

One thousand signatures on the petition.

“They tell us that this area can no longer change destination, that it must remain in the career area, while, in terms of regulations, it is perfectly possible to reverse,” says Nicolás Flacher, president of CECS. Our observations have been minimized, if not ignored. ARS has requested, in the past, that the perimeter of the Badoit spring, which runs north of Chambœuf, be protected. Again, this request was not considered. “

Relations between the association and the city of Chambœuf remain complicated. “A triptych with the municipal bulletin was distributed, where it is explained that some people affirm falsehoods and false arguments,” continues Nicolás Flacher. We are the targets. They try to discredit us. “” In January, we posted signs on the sides of the roads. Some did not last more than 24 hours ”, adds the president of CECS.

A ray of hope illuminates the morale of the association: the petition launched at the end of 2020 has collected more than a thousand signatures (more than 500 on paper, around 400 online and 120 initials collected by the residents of the Val de Coise in Saint – Galmier).

“We were able to speak with Senator Jean-Claude Tissot and Departmental Councilor Sylvain Dardoullier. Now we want to meet with the president of Saint-Étienne Métropole, Gaël Perdriau, and the managers of Danone, owner of Badoit. “

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