Ain. More flakes at altitude and low temperatures

The disturbances coming from the eastern flank have been happening for several days in the department. “We suffered the third Monday since the end of last week,” explains Meteonews forecaster Stéphane Nedeljkovic. The unrest continued intermittently Monday afternoon, taking the form of snowfall from 800 meters above sea level. “Altogether, up to 30 centimeters of snow fell in a few hours at an altitude of 1,000 meters,” he sums up.

This is also the thickness of the snow cover observed on Monday morning at the La Praille ski site, on the heights of the Plateau d’Hauteville. A situation that could last at least until Thursday, since the expected night temperatures, of down to -4 degrees announced between Wednesday and Thursday, will probably favor the phenomenon and allow the snow cover to remain.

Temperatures below normal

Tuesday will be synonymous with calm, but a new disturbance from the north will cross the department. Less active than this weekend, it will generate a “moderate” snowfall above 800 meters of altitude during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Even if the rest of the week promises to be unstable, however, there should be no flakes on the plains by next Sunday, if we are to believe the temperatures announced by Meteonews (between 7 and 9 ° during the day and between – 1 and 2 ° C overnight in Bourg-en-Bresse on Sunday). “They are temperatures around 3 degrees below normal for the season,” says the meteorologist. However, the expected overnight lows could favor some episodic sleet drops by the end of the week.

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