the figures of the community of municipalities

As of April 1, the Plaine de l’Ain community of municipalities will limit free access to its seven recycling centers. Beyond the 25 annual tickets, access to individuals will cost 8 euros.

The CCPA primarily targets professionals in disguise. This decision was commented on by elected officials and social networks. During the last community council, on March 4 in Saint-Vulbas, André Moingeon, vice-president of the Community of municipalities of the Plaine de l’Ain in charge of the collection and treatment of waste, returned to this file with figures.

“In 2020, we had 234,251 visits to our recycling centers and we have 31,209 subscribers. The average traffic of each subscriber is around 7.5 per year, ”said the mayor of Lagnieu. The latter added: “3.8% of users exceed this number of 25. But these 3.8% add up to 19% of the tickets. I inform you that a person has died 219 times in the last year, we are no longer playing. Hence our desire to stop this practice … “