Raucoules. The La Remise roundabout has entered its operational phase with the planting of trees

After many requests from the mayor, Bernard Souvignet, the Department rebuilt the infamous La Remise crossing, which was particularly prone to accidents. The roundabout is already completed and allows a fluidity of vehicles that take the RD105 from Montfaucon-en-Velay to Yssingeaux and the RD64 that leads to the Tence / Le Chambon-sur-Lignon sector.

On the departmental highway, around 4,500 light cars and 400 trucks use these circuits every day. With the asphalt mixes from La Remise à Verne, the site cost 1,050,000 euros. Many trees of different species have just been planted.

In addition, the house located on the edge of the roundabout currently benefits from work with security protection by a wall. Its occupants were frequently witnesses of numerous accidents, fortunately without any known fatal case. Also, the radar that was destroyed should not be replaced.

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