Rhone. Snow reappears in the Lyonnais mountains

Did you think that Spring was already installed?

Surprise, the snow has returned to the heights. This Sunday morning, the inhabitants woke up to a white flowerbed, in the mountains of Lyonnais.

And it could well be that the snowflakes hit the outskirts of Lyon next week.

In fact, Meteonews announces a snowfall limit between 800 and 1,100 meters, on Monday, March 15.

On Wednesday, Meteonews even lowered the limit between 600 and 900 meters of altitude.

The temperatures will, in any case, be worthy of winter. We expect 5 ° C on Monday morning and no more than 9 during the day.

On Tuesday, the mercury will drop to 3 ° C in the morning but it is especially at the end of the week when we will be cold. According to Meteonews, we will be no more than 1 ° C on Friday morning and it should freeze on Saturday, March 20, with -1 ° C.

As a reminder, spring is not supposed to arrive until March 20 officially.

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