Meteorology. Snow and morning frosts return on Tuesday on the Loire

If in five days the calendar indicates the arrival of spring, the winter weather will play overtime. According to the forecast of Weather News, as the days go by, we will see a sharp drop in temperatures.

Monday rain

Starting Monday, rain will appear in the department while temperatures will reach painfully 10 degrees on the best of days.

On Tuesday, the situation will become a little calmer with a thermometer that will show 9 degrees maximum. On Wednesday, the weather conditions will deteriorate again. That same day, snowfall could occur from about 400 meters above sea level.

But the main deterioration of the weather will occur on Thursday and Friday. Morning frosts are expected on these two days with temperatures not exceeding 5 degrees, or 7 degrees below normal for the season.

These cool temperatures will be accompanied by snowfall on the plains during these two days. Winter has not had its last word and the first days of spring (March 20) are likely to be cold.

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