Ain. A layer of spring snow whitens the Bugey

The showers in March are true to this year’s post, and after a few days of spring weather, the snow was invited this Sunday morning on Bugiste Mountain. Heavy and sticky, the thickness was around 5 centimeters in the spa and reached 8 cm in the heights and the Nordic slopes of La Praille, freezing primroses and many-flowered daffodils.

However, the traffic was hardly disturbed, except on the peaks, and by midmorning, the work of the department’s road service agents, at the wheel of snow plows and spreaders, had allowed the main axes to be blacked out again. Snow that should not last long because it has fallen, the ground is already warmed up, and if the forecasts are cold for this week, the few rays of sunshine announced between the showers should come to an end. What to bring to reason a little anxious gardeners, because one remembers that 2 years ago, the last snowflakes had fallen on May 5 …

In Brenod, first thing in the morning, we measured a few centimeters also in the village and almost ten at the top of the Léchaud valley, where the thermometer read -2 ° C.

Even if the quantities are not very large, the cleaning machines have resumed service to clear the roads, which the negative temperatures had made slippery in places. The inhabitants also took out their shovels and the landscape regained its winter colors.

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