Naturalists discover the presence of another protected species on the RN88 route

While strolling along the new route of the RN88, the naturalists of Haute-Loire made a discovery that they did not suspect at the level of the village of “Faussier”, in Pertuis. If they did not meet the amphibian vole directly, they think they have all the evidence of its presence in this wetland.

“Incomplete environmental studies”

Dimensions and characteristics of the burrows and of the excrement and stems of plants cut at an angle at 10 centimeters from the ground… The only thing they have thought is that this species, not identified by the environmentalists in charge, is present in the surroundings. It is a protected and threatened species that could join the other 75 affected by the diversion of Pertuis and Saint-Hostien.

The Haute-Loire naturalists who made this discovery wish to remain anonymous. They do not question the figures presented in relation to the safety and time savings that this work will generate, but they denounce “incomplete environmental studies” and “the impracticality of compensatory measures.” “We cannot move the species as they want, and the hedges that are planted instead of those that are going to be cut will not be able to host biodiversity for thirty years,” one of them denounces.