A mysterious deer found dead by the roadside.

“I saw him from the side of the road, a beautiful beast, with a broken leg and damaged wood,” explains Alain Page, who lives in Neuville-sur-Ain. The beast has apparently been dead for several days and the presence of a deer on the banks of the Ain River is quite rare.

The corpse of this animal raises some questions. Did this beast collide with a truck, a car on the outskirts of the municipalities of Neuville-sur-Ain and Jujurieux? Even for specialists in the world of hunting, deer are not legion in this territory located between the river Ain and the first mountains of Bugey. The weight of this imposing animal is of the order of 150 to 200 kilos, and if there was a crash recently, the damage must have been significant, at the vehicle level. Poaching? But then, why was this deer abandoned, in this place, located near RD 1084, with good attendance, at certain times of the day?

Spring is approaching and this seasonal period is moving some species, but the mystery remains.

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