Sarcey. Banners along the RD67 to save coverage

In a press release on March 11, the collective “Quicury, take care of our territory” recalls that it “defends the environment and opposes the artificialization of agricultural lands in the municipalities of Vindry sur Turdine, Sarcey, Saint-Romain- de-Popey and Bully. ”“ He defends the creation of quality jobs, more particularly linked to agriculture and localized and sustainable food production ”.

In this context, they will install banners, this Friday, March 12, in a hedge that they consider in danger, in Sarcey, starting at 4 in the afternoon.

They want to warn about the risks of starting the work undertaken by the Department, leading to the destruction of protected species. They denounce a lack of coordination between the services of the State and the Department.

And report that, according to them, “the extension of RD67, to allow the service of the Argán warehouse, will destroy the hedge that borders this road for more than 500 meters, as well as nine farmhouses and a pond. More than 350 meters of this hedge is subject to an environmental measure. This hedge constitutes, according to the Argán file, the habitat of several protected species (bats, crested newts, screamer edicnema, plovers, etc.) so it cannot be destroyed without an exemption for the destruction of protected species and their habitats. Quicury filed an appeal with the Prefect of the Region on January 14, 2021. But he had no return. The Department will soon have to destroy this hedge and the habitats that comprise it. That is why Quicury sent a registered letter to Christophe Guilloteau, president of the Departmental Council, to inform him of this situation. While waiting for a favorable response to the long-term maintenance of the environmental measure (conservation of 2,700 m² of hedge with 6 trees housed on the edge of RD 67), the Quicury collective intends to continue with its mission of information and ‘alert when The environment is in danger. ‘